1. Reverse Mortgage Live Transfers

Adens Marketing Inc has seen a substantial rise in Reverse Mortgage Live Transfers since the beginning of the year 2012, with the volume of reverse mortgage leads or HECM Leads having seen an increase of about 30% right in the beginning of the year in the entire U.S.

We through providing you Reverse mortgage live leads become your “pocket diary of information” for your most prospective customers. The leads provided by Adens Marketing Inc, contains information about the customer that is 100% accurate. As reverse mortgage industry becomes cut-throat competitive, a whole range of lenders, brokers and agents wish to procure more reverse mortgage live leads that is accurate in its detail. Customers of reverse mortgage reside throughout the country and in all States.

For you to survive in the industry, it is essential you have a safe vault of Reverse Mortgage Live Transfers, Exclusive Reverse Mortgage Leads or Jumbo Reverse Mortgage Live Leads apart from your regular day to day cold calls. Through reverse mortgage live call transfers, you can now throw out the idea of other marketing expenses to incur; instead work towards building a higher customer database by obtaining from us 100% genuine reverse mortgage live lead transfers.

Once our agents get through the customer and ascertain the need for reverse mortgage in them, they take down the details required by you in a lead. After collecting the information, the customer is then transferred to an independent third party verifier. The third-party verifier then affirms the information collected and validates the lead by assessing the interest of the customer. If the customer qualifies and is interested, he is then transferred to you, thereby providing you with lead in real time. Once The Lead has been delivered to you it then has a 24 Hour return period for you to deliberate whether the lead is accepted or rejected, for example you have returned a lead, we then go ahead and listen to the voice recording of that call and either grant you a credit or vice-versa.

Thus reverse mortgage live call transfers come to you after being validated for quality. The information you receive on a particular customer interested in reverse mortgage are only the potential customers who qualify for it and are interested. Higher conversion rates are guaranteed through our reverse mortgage live transfers. We give you the advantage in the industry through our Reverse Mortgage live call transfers or HECM Live Leads:

  • Batch leads for Reverse Mortgage call transfers are provided in real time
  • Reverse Mortgage live lead transfers
  • Reverse Mortgage live transfers
  • Live leads are sent to you with the help of Leads Delivery portal.
  • Global call center presence generates leads at all times of the day.
  • You have the option of buying leads for the state you are licensed in.
  • Each leads information fulfills your lead requirement, ensuring you deal only with hot leads.
  • Reverse Mortgage Live Lead Transfers are available at all daytime hours, with our agents working 12 hours a day, 5 days a week.
  • We only deal in exclusive 100% genuine leads.
  • No registration, no set-up fees.
  • Long terms commitments are not encouraged.
  • Authentic policy of lead replacement.
  • Top quality maintained.
  • You can now order leads filtered as per your requirement at minimal extra cost.
  • Our Reverse Mortgage Leads are Generated Fresh, Verified Fresh and are transferred to you the moment they are verified..

2. HECM Live Transfer Leadse

Home equity conversion mortgage (HECM) live transfer leads is the best tool for mortgage companies to acquire new customers and close more HECM deals. It is a great tool to prevent spending a lot on marketing and still failing to acquire customers for your business.

3. FHA Mortgage Live Transfers

FHA mortgage live transfers can be obtained from vast source of data base with credit rating companies. Our FHA live lead transfers assure you of customization, whereby leads are filtered to target only the audience that is your FHA mortgage prospect.

You will be able to find seasoned FHA mortgage live lead transfers when you work with Adens Marketing Inc, because we target only your ideal customers and after filtering through your needed requirements of credit score, type of mortgage needed (FHA), mortgage trades and mortgage dates with the last instalment on the Mortgage etc.

Most brokers follow certain methods to obtain leads. We deal in getting you FHA mortgage lead transfers through our use of the process of soft questionnaire that is forwarded to credit bureaus. It is a certain method of finding solid customer prospects, especially those who wish to refinance. Generally credit bureaus update their lists and their database frequently. Thus you get an updated customer database and know directly whether the customer is a prospect or not. Based on the data in customer database directory, we target our FHA borrowers, who wish to streamline their mortgage at a lower rate.

With the FHA mortgage live call transfers, the process is quickly followed by our agents, where the agents give out the FHA loan offers and streamline programs to the customers/homeowners. The agents dial through the pre-selected and pre-sorted database of homeowners who are currently in FHA loans and wish to qualify for an FHA loan matching your required filters. Once the agent takes down all the information from the prospect customer, he transfers the call to an independent third party verifier.

With the FHA mortgage live leads, the process is quickly followed by our agents, where the agents give out the FHA loan offers and streamline programs to the customers/homeowners. The agents dial through the pre-selected and pre-sorted database of homeowners who are currently in FHA Approved Properties and wish to qualify for an FHA loan matching your required filters. Once the agent takes down all the information from the prospect customer, he transfers the call to an independent third party verifier.

The independent third party verifier then confirms the details as well, the interest of the customer in the FHA mortgage too. Post confirmation and affirmation, the call is then transferred to you. Thus FHA mortgage live call transfers are put into process in real time, with information available to you in real time through our lead delivery portal.

4. VA Mortgage Live Transfers

VA mortgage live transfers are hot property today for the simple reason being, they are one of the best government mortgage products available in the lending market. VA mortgage live transfers are always in demand since the lenders, brokers and agents dealing in it feel that the licensing for VA mortgage is more flexible as compared to licensing for VA mortgage. We realize that the lending professionals find VA lending very likeable since it offers 100% home finance and military veterans almost always qualify for it.

We specialize in VA and VA mortgage live lead transfers. There are many kinds of mortgage leads and live call transfers available, depending upon the need of the client and people in general. Depending upon a person’s financial status, credit score as well as his or her military background, varied loan options are available to the borrowers with VA loans.

Traditional mortgages are still in the running on top when it comes to types of mortgages in the U.S. but VA mortgage life call transfers are slowly but firmly making a way ahead. Since you’re a smart mortgage broker, you’ll immediately gauge the profitability in working on VA loans and wish to obtain VA mortgage live lead transfers. If we look at the market today, we find that VA loans, Fannie Mae and VA loans are the best customer producing mortgage loans in the market.

VA mortgage live call transfers make a small segment of a huge finance market but are a better bet than any other kind of loan, since the borrowers are always qualified military veterans. Once the customer shows interest in the kind of VA mortgage you have to offer, the agent takes down the required information to fulfil your criteria. The call is then passed to the third party verifier who re-confirms the information and the details and passes the call to you, while delivering you lead information through our delivery portal.

5. Mortgage Live Transfers

Adens Marketing Inc offers Double Verified Mortgage Refinance Live transfers, Mortgage batch leads, Conventional Mortgage leads, Refinance leads, Mortgage Refinance Live transfers which are one of the best leads provided to the top notch Mortgage Lenders, Brokers and Banks in Mortgage Industry. Our Mortgage leads, Conventional Mortgage Refinance live Transfers and Exclusive Mortgage Live Transfers are generated through our Double Verified System. Adens Marketing Inc has also kept the quality intact and hence delivering the best quality leads following the Double Verified pattern and creating an impact on the Mortgage Industry since over 18 years. Our Mortgage Live transfers have been rated as a boon to the Mortgage Lenders, brokers and even the Banks who are closing at a higher percentage of leads and hence creating a successful business module.

Consumers are called once we receive their request for getting help with their mortgages and looking for a substantial rate change and payments. We do qualify them on certain parameters set by our Mortgage Lenders or Brokers which help them to move further with those consumers. We do check the intent of the consumer as is to refinance their existing loan or to buy a new home. If they are looking for a Mortgage Refinance and are looking to move further we forward them to our Mortgage Verification department.

Once account and billing inquiries are complete, our agents are often in a position to discuss other products and services with your customers. Use this opportunity as a chance to cross sell and up-sell.

Adens Marketing Inc Verification team also check’s the diligence of the consumers and ask them various questions and collect all the valuable information which a Mortgage Company would need in order to process a loan hence getting them Double Verified it helps the Companies to lower their burden of originating a Mortgage call and focus more on getting them desired rate reduction and save them money. Once the information collected is verified with their purpose of the call it gets connected to the QC Department who would get them connected to the live officers of the Mortgage Company.

6. Commercial Mortgage Live Transfers

Those who have been in business for quite a while now are aware of the marketing techniques adopted to obtain commercial mortgage leads. However, today the information on these leads can be misleading and not ultimately achieve the results expected by the clients. If you're looking to improve your business significantly with the help of converting leads, Adens Marketing Inc can be your guiding light.

Keeping an eye on it at all times is the best way to ensure that everything is safe and operating the way it is supposed to.

Commercial mortgage leads can lead to growth and expansion for your busines. Whether you're new in the market or have been an established player for long, good quality leads will prove to be an important step towards achiveing your company profit and sales conversion golas. As a result, the company will grow and expand in a positive manner. Adens Marketing Inc recognizes this fact and goes for the best lead generation outlets. Aggressive marketing also helps achieve better conversion ratio.

The double verification of i-leads done by Adens Marketing Inc is the sure shot way for customers to trust the conversion ratio they achieve from the leads. Commercial mortgage leads, Commercial Mortgage Live Transfers, Commercial Mortgage Live Leads, Commercial Mortgage Live Call Transfers, Commercial Mortgage Batch Leads are generated through various means by Adens Marketing Inc are double verified and assure 100% quality. The reason given by Adens Marketing Inc for the successful conversion of their leads is that one can't simply rely on a single verification of contacts nor can one simply generate good leads out of reference leads.

It is important to do aggressive marketing and ensure correct and double verification of commercial mortgage leads. One can't simply rely on good communication skills to talk to the customer. Market sensitivity is just as important a factor in sales conversion as instinct. It is necessary to acquire good data for obtaining good leads that will ultimately result into conversion.

Once the data has been obtained, the in-house telemarketing team starts calling the customers. Once a customer has portrayed his interest in obtaining a commercial mortgage loan or getting one refinanced and qualifies the needed criteria, the telemarketer transfers the call to a third party verifier who verifies the lead independently. These verifiers are recognized by Adens Marketing Inc as their "Validation Unit". They are paid based on their integrity and the skills to verify the potential prospect correctly and send it forward.

Adens Marketing Inc ensures that all aspects of the production of commercial mortgage leads, Commercial Mortgage Live Transfers are done completely in-house. The verification is done by a third party verification unit as well as an in-house unit to provide the clients with best quality and lead conversion. Exclusive buyers are on our high focus list. Adens Marketing Inc also welcomes semi-exclusive commercial mortgage leads opportunities and business.

7. Auto Warranty Live Transfers

If you have purchased Internet leads, Live Transfer Leads, PPC Leads or any other type of lead and you've been unsatisfied with the results we are sure that you were not happy with your results since you were set up to fail since the beginning.

Most of the Lead Selling companies would do just that, "sell you leads and then it's up to you to figure out how to close enough sales to keep your doors open".

The single biggest difference with our service is we deliver Double Screened Live Transfers which are active buyers or users of the service that you are offering – people who need to purchase an auto warranty right now Adens Marketing Inc provides you a complete solution for your Auto Warranty Leads Marketing Campaign. Our warranty leads help you to attain ace among your competitors and leads you to overcome through our wide spectrum lead services.

We have designed our auto warranty Live Transfers generation service based on fresh leads, Real Time Delivery of Live Transfers into our office which are then screened twice by a Third Party Verifier to ensure higher closings at your end, all our leads are 100% Exclusive and verified, no extra charge on Setup fees, No long-term commitments. Genuine lead replacement policy, Special filters available at minimum extra cost, all our warranty leads are Phone verified, highest quality maintained and assured.

8. Home Security Live Transfers

Adens Marketing Inc has been in business for the last 10 years and is dedicated to providing quality leads in real time and as a Live Transfer to all its clients as per their requirement. For those clients who operate in home security and are looking for clients,Adens Marketing Inc is a one stop shop for leads shopping.

For those clients who are looking for home security leads, Adens Marketing Inc is a great sales booster. Those potential clients who are interested in buying a home security system get upset at times due to cold calls from telemarketers with useless questions. A good company wishes for potential customers that are not only interested in hearing about a home security system but also wish to buy the system.

So what is the main source of Adens Marketing Inc? Home security leads are generated by Adens Marketing Inc through the means of surveys, research and advertisements online. Some potential customers follow the SEO sites that have backlinks to Adens Marketing Inc website. If they see the content that can help them in life, the only thing they need to do is pick up the phone and call on Adens Marketing Inc phone number where a friendly voice is ready to help and guide. These leads are exclusive when they're verified and are delivered to the clients in need of Home Security leads, as per their criteria and needs.

There are also mailing and contact lists generated by the company through various means. The in-house telemarketing team has an added advantage of knowing the company rules and thus produces 100% quality verified leads.

9. Diabetic Live Transfers

Sugar-free sweetness of conversion and success to all its clients! There are many people today who suffer from diabetes and are looking for a diabetic products suppliers and doctors. We provide you with diabetic leads of individuals ranging between age group of 30-65 who suffer from diabetes and are looking for either a doctor or a diabetic supplier. The leads generated by Adens Marketing Inc team are divided into age groups and demographic area.

These i-leads talk about individuals that are over and under 65 years of age and in a certain specified demographic area as per the client's need. These leads confirm the positive reply of those potential customers who are subscribers of at least a test a day by their doctor.

There are two rules that are followed specifically when it comes to diabetic leads by Adens Marketing Inc. First, if the customer is above 65 years, an additional verification is done to ensure that they have a primary insurance with medicare. Second, for those potential leads who are under 65, a verification is done to be certain that they are covered under a basic Private Insurance carrier option.

VA mortgage live call transfers make a small segment of a huge finance market but are a better bet than any other kind of loan, since the borrowers are always qualified military veterans. Once the customer shows interest in the kind of VA mortgage you have to offer, the agent takes down the required information to fulfil your criteria. The call is then passed to the third party verifier who re-confirms the information and the details and passes the call to you, while delivering you lead information through our delivery portal.

Most leads generated by >Adens Marketing Inc are not only 100% HIPPA agreeable but also double verified. The first verification is done by a third party validation unit. The second verification is done by the verification unit in-house. All those clients looking for diabetic leads can get their leads filtered as per their qualifying criteria thereby targeting exclusive potential customers and gaining better sales conversion.

Adens Marketing Inc targets potential customers through a thoroughly research and analyzed data that offers customers looking for diabetic product offers, medication offers, insurance, journals and magazines, books and a lot more.

Diabetic i-leads are generated in-house through daily marketing and other advertising methods and are Marjory opt-in. Latest technology usage and correct means to get genuinely interested customers for their exclusive clients is the motto of Adens Marketing Inc. Internet diabetic leads are generated by the usage of company homepage on various social networks.

Once a list of potentially interested customers is made, the third party team calls them up to verify their information. Once the interest is confirmed, the in-house team verifies it again to avoid any misunderstanding or mistakes. After this, these exclusively generated leads are sent to the clients as per their order and criteria, through their choice of communication Diabetic Real Time Leads, , Diabetic Live Leads, and Diabetic Live Call Transfer Leads.

10. Life Insurance Live Transfers

Life insurance live lead transfers from Adens Marketing Inc are all the rage in the business today. Insurance industry can now show a warmer and more personal face to its customers while doing business. Adens Marketing Inc agents understand that a good rapport with customers is the backbone of the insurance industry, since good relations generate trust and belief.

Life insurance live transfers Leads give you an extra edge in business since you’re talking to the customers who need your service and when they need your service. Various insurance policies gain more importance as per customer needs. Life insurance Live call transfers are also an excellent source of word of mouth customers, since every customer is a satisfied customer in the end.

Once account and billing inquiries are complete, our agents are often in a position to discuss other products and services with your customers. Use this opportunity as a chance to cross sell and up-sell.

Frequent usage of life insurance live Verified lead transfers will ensure the growth of your business. We help you not only simplify the means to attain Life insurance live Lead transfers, but also clarify the needs of a certain type of policy, with the help of our excellent agents. When it comes to life insurance call transfers/ Life Insurance Live Leads, our agents build a rapport with customers and take down the information required by you for a successful lead. It is certainly easier than having customers in the office, demanding and ordering a certain type of policy you may have or not have on offer.

Our vast directory of customer database is at your disposal when our quality agents make calls for you. Once the caller has indicated an interest in a life insurance policy provided by you, the agent takes down customer information matches it with the information required by you to qualify a prospective client, then it is verified and passed on to an independent third party verifier.

Our independent third party verifier ensures that the customer has provided correct information, and is in need of life insurance before transferring the call with the customer to you. Thus life insurance live lead transfers/ Life Insurance Live Calls, Life Insurance live Leads, Life Insurance Live Verified Leads are produced in real time, thereby increasing your chances of better business.

11. Health Insurance Live Transfers

Health insurance live lead transfers are one of our specialty when it comes to live call transfers. A customer turns into potential when the agent cleverly makes them realize that how important health insurance live transfers is for themselves and their family.

We realize that as a health insurance broker, it can’t be an easy task to expend all days talking to customers who you think have the potential and yet face the outcome of “not interested” or “call back in a month”. Even though your health insurance policies are competent and your product far better than other in the market, it is still frustrating to look for people every single day, who are in need of health insurance.

This is where we come in and provide you with health insurance live lead transfers. Health insurance call transfers basically cut your work into half by providing you with a live customer in real time, who is in need of health insurance and interested in your policy.

Through our agents who are experts in understanding customer needs and help them connect to you, we provide you with customers that have the potential of turning into health insurance live lead transfers. Our agents clearly outline the advantages of your product/service and address the emotional needs of the customer with regards to security. Through efficacious communication, they combine these two factors and target the prospects who are most likely to turn into business for you.

Once our agent has collected required information from the customer and got a positive nod from the customer, the call is transferred to a third party independent verifier, who in turn, confirm the information details given by the customer and affirms the need for health insurance. Once this is done, the call is transferred to you, thus giving you a hot prospect in real time. Health insurance live transfers are the best way to get your business roaring with success, with minimal extra cost. You also save money on various direct and indirect methods of marketing.

12. Home Improvement Live Transfers

Home improvement life transfers are something that are catching up with other types of leads in the market today. What with instability in the real estate market since the last few years, most homeowners feel the decision to invest in home improvement might be the best idea, rather than set their houses ready to be sold. Many of them who wish to sell their houses though make sure they get the home improvement done so that the house can be sold at a better price. We bring you such customers via home improvement live lead transfers and home improvement live call transfers.

People today are tech-savvy, thus they go online and search for quotes when it comes to home improvement. If you already have website with an enquiry form, you must be well aware that sometimes calling a customer who has filled the form turns out to be a useless exercise, since most of the information filled in is false. It is tough to simply rely on the website and wish for your sales to rise. We provide you with 100% accurate information through home improvement life lead transfers that come to you in real time. We customize our home improvement leads to your requirements before the home improvement live call transfers, thus giving you a fruitful ROI on money spent on leads.

Once our agents has dialled to a potential customer and figured out the positive interest of the customer, detailed information is then taken down along with a positive nod from the customer. Information includes all the specific requirements that are needed by you in a potential lead for your product. This call is then transferred to an independent third party verifier who confirms the interest as well as all the details and finally does the home improvement live call transfers. Thus the customer call comes to you as a hot prospect that can immediately turn into business.